A Tough Cookie

An underdog whose determination usually results in success. For Example: “No one thought Mark stood a chance in that fight, but he is one tough cookie and proved everyone wrong.”

In Inverted Commas

A phrase that indicates the phrase you’re using to describe something is being used with sarcasm. For Example: You might say, “Bill thinks one day he’s going to ‘save the company’ in inverted commas.” What you’re implying is that you don’t believe Bill genuinely intends to save the company.

With Flying Colors

With great success. For Example: If Sarah needed to score 80% to pass a test and she scored 97% on the test, you would say “she passed the test with flying colors.”

Left Out In The Cold

Failing to include someone as part of an activity. For Example: “The government’s health care policy leaves seniors out in the cold.”

The Other Side Of The Coin

To see things from a different, opposing perspective. For Example: “let’s look at the other side of the coin for a minute and contemplate what will happen if we don’t go forward with this plan.”

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Try to understand or pay attention to something. For Example: If someone said “wake up and smell the coffee,” they’re trying to get you to see things from their perspective.

Like Clockwork

Predictable or reliable. The statement implies that something will happen as sure as another second on the clock will tick by. For Example: If an employee is never late to work, her boss might compliment her by saying, “you are like clockwork when it comes to showing up to work on time.”

Turn Back The Clock

To recreate things as they were at an earlier time. For Example: If a couple is having some troubles in their relationship, one of them could say to the other, “let’s turn back the clock and just go back to when things were simpler.”