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Flat Stanley Cut Out / TemplateAs part of Dialect Zone International’s Social Studies curriculum, students will begin to learn about different countries, cultures and landmarks.

Throughout the year, students study neighborhoods, communities, customs and traditions.

To further enrich these skills, students will participate in this multicultural, It’s A Small – Flat World – Flat Stanley Project.

Please read thoroughly and any questions or concerns, please reply back to this email and I will help you as much as possible.

Ellie and Abby will assist the students in writing / preparing the letter(s) and properly completing this project.

  1. Print out the Flat Stanley (Flat Stanley’s name will change to the student’s name)
    • Example:Flat Stanley will have a new name Flat Fred
  2. Color Flat Stanley
  3. Cut Flat Stanley
  • Flat Stanley's Adventure_Page_1Write your name on the back of Flat Stanley, both English and Chinese name
  1. Take Flat Stanley out to the sightseeing in your anywhere you want
    • Note:Make sure Flat Stanley is in all of the pictures you take
  2. Develop a real photo / picture 4×6 or 5×7 size (DO NOT print the picture)
  3. Write about what you and Flat Stanley did in the photo / picture
    • Example:Write about your town / city, state, country.
    • Example:What foods are interesting your town / city?
    • Example:What places are interesting in your town / city?
    • Example:What sports are interesting to you / your town / city?
    • Example:What music is interesting to you and or listen to?
    • Example:What is the weather like in your town / city?
    • Example:What holidays are spent in your town / city, country?
    • Example:What do people do you your town / city, country during the holidays?
    • Example:What do people do in your town / city, country throughout the year?
    • Example:Etc…
      • DO NOT include your home phone number (landline)
      • DO NOT include your phone number(s) (personal or business)
      • DO NOT include your cell phone number (personal or business)
      • DO NOT include your e-mail address(es) (personal or business)
      • DO NOT include your address(es) (personal or business)
  4. Most important PARENTS may ONLY HELP the student, and NOT DO the project/activity for the student.
  5. If possible make a short video and explain where you and Flat Stanley are and what you are doing.
  6. Feel free to take additional photos / pictures from different angles.
  7. It is your responsibility to complete the project yourself before handing it in.
    • Letters must be completely written
    • Pictures / Photos developed and correct size
    • Pictures / Photos properly cut and glued / pasted
    • Videos prepared
    • Pictures / Drawings prepared
  8. Hand in your Flat Stanley project along with any videos, information, pictures and of course Flat Stanley.




Flat Stanley:



NOTE: You may do more than 1 (one) Flat Stanley project/activity, the more do you the better you will get.

1 (one) Flat Stanley per location/place.Flat Stanley's Adventure_Page_2

We have been in contact with many wonderful schools all over the world.
Such as: America, U.K., Canada, Brazil, Australia, Spain, France, Taiwan, Japan, etc…

This is an ongoing project, and it is very simple yet very interesting to do.

Please visit the following pages:
Step 1: https://blog.dialectzone.org/flat-stanley-project/
Step 2: https://blog.dialectzone.org/its-a-small-flat-world-project/
Step 3: https://blog.dialectzone.org/flat-stanley-cut-out/
Step 4: https://blog.dialectzone.org/flat-stanley-great-adventure-letter/

All of the instructions and directions are listed in the above links.
Additionally we have attached the image files that should be used and may be printed out, or you are welcome to create your own.

If you are interested please contact us via e-mail or chat with us and we will provide additional information, and help you get started right away.

As always please click here to follow us and if you have any questions or need help please let me know.

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