The Rice Experiment

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Choose your words wisely”. Usually some action hero in a movie states these boldly before he taps a keg of whoop xxx.

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However, there may be more to it.

Do the words you use create the life and body you live in?
I have always believed this to be true but it was not until recently that I found a way to put it to the test. It all began when I watched a documentary called “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto is a Japanese researcher who conducted research on the formation of water crystals on various stimuli. I won’t go into detail here because I won’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself. You can pick a copy of the documentary on Amazon or YouTube.

The experiment that really grabbed my attention was a simple one that anyone can do.

How did the ‘Rice Experiment’ come into existence?
Summary: Dr. Masaru Emoto invented the rice experiment. He believed that positive thoughts have an effect on the matter around us, and that water is a blueprint for reality. He also created a film in 2004 and wrote a book on the same subjects.

What is the ‘Rice Experiment’?
Summary: The rice experiment was conducted by Dr. Emoto over a period of 30 days where he demonstrated the effects of words and thoughts on a jar of rice.





All you need is rice and some patience.

The Rice Experiment

  • Place 1 cup of Cooked Rice into three separate containers. Place a lid on each.
  • Mark one container with a positive phrase. I used “Love
  • Mark the other container with a negative phrase. I used “Hate
  • DO NOT mark the third container with any phrases. I I left it blank
  • Place them in your kitchen at least 12 inches apart..

Once or more every day say aloud to the rice container the phrase written on it. I know this sounds nuts but just try it. For example, every time I went into my kitchen I would say “I Love You or a positive word” and “I Hate You” Try to say it from a place of gratitude (thank you) and a place of anger and frustration (stupid). Before you write this off as something that crazy Billy Beck III said, remember…

“Open Minds Open Doors to the Impossible.”

What Does This Mean?
The words we say have a powerful affect on everything around us. Whether it is rice or a human being. Your words have a profound impact on others and yourself.

  • Positive words with good intentions behind them nurture and encourage growth.
  • Negative words with negative emotions literally rot and destroy.

Think about it. Have you ever been around someone who literally sucked the energy out of you?

Sometimes this happens even when they don’t say anything negative.

This is because it is not just what we say that matters, it is what we think. Our lives are result of our most common thoughts.

If you habitually think great things of yourself, of others and the world around you, then you add to the greatness and nurture the world around. If you habitually complain, criticize and find the bad in others and in most things, then you are “rotting the rice.” Change your thoughts, Change your world.

If you are honest about this, you know it is true. We all know this is true. We don’t need rice to tell us this but it is really cool to do. Try it.

One last thing to think about…

How do your thoughts about your body affect your appearance, health, energy & what actions you take?


Experiment Day 1:


Experiment Day 2:



Experiment Day 3:




Experiment Day 4:




Experiment Day 5:




Experiment Day 6:




Experiment Day 7:






Experiment Day 8:




Experiment Day 9:




Experiment Day 10:





Experiment Day 11:





Experiment Day 12:




Experiment Day 13: 




Experiment Day 14:




Experiment Day 15:





Experiment Day 16:




Experiment Day 17:






Experiment Day 18:






Experiment Day 19:






Experiment Day 20:





Experiment Day 21:





Experiment Day 22:





Experiment Day 23:





Experiment Day 24:




Experiment Day 25:






Experiment Day 26:




Experiment Day 27:





Experiment Day 28:





Experiment Day 29:





Experiment Day 30:










What do others think of the ‘Rice Experiment’?
Summary: Dr. Emoto’s experiment has received quite a lot of negative criticism in the scientific community. However, people all over the world have been experimenting using this method and many of them have achieved stellar results.

There are many anecdotes of the rice experiment done by people across the world. You can search Google for more results. To get the best results, try the rice experiment by yourself and share your experience with the world.

What does the ‘Rice Experiment’ imply?
Summary: The rice experiment implies that we should be mindful of the connection we form and the people we associate with. It is focused on increasing positive interactions in life and cutting down on the negativity.

If no one else, you can try the same on yourself. When you wake up in the morning, stand in front of your mirror for five minutes, and say one (or as many as you like) good things about yourself. When you say it, really believe in it, and about a month later, you won’t even have to try and you will have automatically inculcated this quality that you keep telling yourself. In a single word, you will GLOW!




Be More Mindful
So, back to our original thoughts about the messages we receive and, more importantly, believe, what does Dr. Emoto’s Rice Experiment tell us about how we speak and think about ourselves? What do his findings reveal concerning the power and energy held by our thoughts and words when conveyed to the world around us and ourselves?

Indeed, it would seem that how we speak to ourselves, how we think, and view the self and the world around us has a remarkable effect. As such, we should endeavor to be more mindful of the connections we create between ourselves, our thoughts, our words, and the structures which govern our well being and the state of our surroundings. We should also take care to surround ourselves with those who uplift us and endeavor to introduce real and authentic beauty into our minds every day, not a faux beauty authored by others’ desire for profit and power.


Of course, Dr. Emoto’s experiments and conclusions have not been without criticism; such is the nature of good science. At the very least, however, we see that our minds and thoughts, our words and actions have a real and measurable effect on ourselves and those around us. Perhaps this is the most vital conclusion to which Dr. Emoto arrived, and the most helpful lesson we may glean from his findings. We really are what we think, say, and do. Hence, it is all the more important to take care of the things we subject ourselves to.

This is not to advocate willful ignorance of the world’s problems and pain. However, we must proactively seek to balance those things with self-care, real beauty, and healthy, uplifting connections between ourselves and others, our thoughts and speech, and the images we paint of whom we are in our own views.


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