Flat Sam

Flat Sam Name: Sam Sheng

Date: October 2nd, 2015
Location: Jun Shan,  Nantong, China


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I am a Chinese Nantong Sheng Ming- Sam, first grade this year.

This holiday, my father and mother to our highest mountain city to play army, military mountain close to the world’s third largest river- the Yangtze River, Junshan Yangtze River was originally an island, 100 years ago, due to the Yangtze River upstream bring sediment, Junshan around becomes a land.

We went to play that day, Junshan dinosaurs exhibition is being held, with the Stanley photo, left an unforgettable memory.


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I also understand that many years ago, dinosaurs species and living habits, think the world is really big, do you want to explore the knowledge as well.

I hope we can become good friends. My micro-channel number is xxxxxxxxxxx, for a friend, to learn more knowledge, so that we always keep in touch!
Yours sam.





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这个假日,我和爸爸,妈妈到闷闷这座城市最高的军山去玩, 军山紧靠着世界第三大河流—长江,军山原来是长江里的一座岛屿,100多年前,由于长江上游带来的泥沙,军山周围就变成了陆地。



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