Flat Ella

Flat EllaName: Ella Wang

Date: October 5th, 2015
Location: Party in Nantong, China



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Hello, I am Ella. I am a lovely girl of ten years old.

I live in a beautiful city—Nantong.

It’s beside the river of Changjiang, opposite to one of the biggest city—Shanghai.

Here is a city moat named Haohe.

It runs around the city and there is a famous mountain named wolf.

I have a happy family. My father and mother love me very much. My father is a doctor.

He tries his best to reduce pain of the patients.


Image (67)My mother is a teacher. She helps colleaege students to learn medical knowledge.

Now I’m in Grade four of primary school. It’s a nice school.

My teachers and classmates are my good friends.

We play and learn together.

That’s about a girl far away from you.

Do you want to be me friend?

I hope you’ll feel happy when you receive this letter and write back.

Yours sincerely, Ella


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