Flat Bonnie

Flat BonnieName:Bonnie Lu

Date: October 4th, 2015
Location: Chongchuan Nan Chuan Yuan, Nantong, China

My name is Bonnie. I’m a Chinese girl. I am twelve years old. I study in Cheng Zhong. We have seven subjects in my school.

There are English, Chinese, Maths, Art, PE, and Science. I like PE, Music and English.

BImage (66)ut my English is not so good. I can play basketball, I am good at it.

I have a good friend. Her name is ZhangWenqian. We play together, eat togrther, study together…

My mother is a teacher. She likes shopping and playing computer games.



Image (67)My father is a teacher too, he likes reading books. I love my family.

We have a National Day holiday now. I have a lot of fun in holiday. OK, good buy, Stanley.
Your friend Bonnie
4th, October.


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