Pumpkin Record With 2,261 Pounder

huge_pumpkinA Rhode Island man has squashed a record set by his son by taking first prize in a pumpkin contest with a 2,261.5-pound gourd.

Richard Wallace’s 2,261.5-pound pumpkin beat the North American giant pumpkin record set by his son, Ron, at the same event last year. Ron Wallace’s pumpkin topped the scales at 2,230 pounds at the Frerichs Farm Pumpkin Weigh Off in Warren in 2015.

Ron Wallace was the first person in the world to break the 1-ton barrier when he grew a 2,009-pound pumpkin in 2012.

The younger Wallace said last year that his secret is “a lot of hard work” and what he calls the Wallace organic wonder fertilizer.

Frerichs Farm has hosted the event since 2000.

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