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My Name: Angel
Date/ Time: Wednesday September thirtieth 2015
Location: Chocolate happy park Shanghai China

Dear: Bronson.
My name is Angel! I’m eleven. I’m a Chinese girl. I like pink and red. I can play table tennis very well and I can drawing. My Chinese name is 张乐涵(Zhang YueHan).
Hi! Bronson! I am a Chinese girl. Nice to meet you! I like rabbits and gods. What about you? Can you play table tennis? I can. Do you like to listen to stories? My favorite story is called <Goldlioks and the three bear>.


Image (65)你好!布朗森!我是一个中国女孩。很高兴认识你!我喜欢兔子和狗。你呢?你会打兵乓球吗?我会打。你喜欢听故事吗?我喜欢的故事名叫《金发女孩和三只熊》













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