Cleansing Nicotine From Your Body

NicotineCigarettes are dangerous for the body, however this nasty habit is quite difficult to eliminate. Cigarettes contain nicotine that destroys the lungs and also affect the blood pressure negatively. If you stop smoking, you will still have to face the consequences from smoking.

Fortunately, certain types of food can help you to finally destroy this toxic ingredient in your body.

Here we present you the best foods that can help you destroy the final drop of nicotine in your organism.


Broccoli contains the vitamins that the nicotine destroys – vitamin C and vitamin B5. Consuming broccoli will certain help you against the nicotine.


Against the deficits of vitamin C, slow metabolism and stress eat oranges.

Carrot Juice:

The nicotine which stays in you organism for 3 days after a smoke, also affects the skin negatively. Drink carrot juice to improve the condition and appearance of your skin, since this juice destroys the nicotine deposits in your body. This juice contains many needed vitamins.


Folic acid and vitamins are definitely found in spinach.

Kiwi Fruit:

Smoking reduces the deposits of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. This fruit gives back the lost vitamins to your body.


Water is needed to hydrate your body after smoking.

Of course best thing against nicotine:
1. Don’t smoke
2. Don’t smoke passively

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