A Cash Cow

Any product, business or idea that generates a steady stream of cash flow. For Example: “Those vending machines are a cash cow.

In The Cards

Almost certain to happen. If something is “in the cards“, it will probably happen. “Not in the cards” is also a common phrase. For Example: if a guy asked a girl on a date she could reject him by saying “it’s just not in the cards.”

A Close Call

Something bad that nearly happens or a difficult decision. For Example: If lightining struck ten feet away, you would say, “wow, that was a close call!” If you are trying to decide between two restaurants you could say, “I don’t know… it’s a close call.”

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Getting your way on both wishes. For Example: A man who wants to have a wife and also a girlfriend on the side would be trying to “have his cake and eat it too.”

At Touch Of A Button

When something is capable of happening “at the touch of a button,” it means it could be done immediately. For Example: A boss might ask an employee, “how long would it take you to finish this job?” The employee could respond, “I could have it done at the touch of a button.” In this instance, […]

Someone Means Business

An indicator that someone is taking an issue very seriously. For Example: If a politician’s top priority was to remove dog waste from the parks, you could say, “wow, that guy really means business when it comes to cleaning up the parks!”

Put On The Back Burner

Something you hold in low priority or something that does not require immediate attention. For Example: “That project is on the back burner for now, there are other important things I need to focus on.”

Burn Your Boats

This phrase is similar to the phrase “burning one’s bridges”. It means you’re cutting off ties to something that previously added value to your life. For Example: When you burn your boats, you disassociate yourself from something you once valued.