Are You Educated

When Shaquille O’neal was drafted into the NBA, he spent the first million that he earned within 30 minutes. O’neal then received a phone call from his banker, who scolded him, and told him that he would end up joining the list of former athletes who ended up broke if the current trend continued. O’neal […]

Career Month 2015

Hello everyone I apologize for the short notice, the following will be schedule for Career Month presentation: May 30th, 2015, Saturday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm I will not inform anyone which career would be presented, you will need to show up and find out. Please note this is just for one Career Month presentation, […]


Detention: Any student may be detained after-class for violation of any school rule, classroom rule, or any general disciplinary infraction that interferes with the educational process. Official after-class detentions may be assigned by teachers, educational technicians, counselors, assistant principal or the principal. Detention starts immediately after class. The detention teacher may assign work. Failure to […]

DZ Dollar – Reward Card

Hello everyone I have recently decided to create the DZ Dollar, which is a reward card. There is nothing to enroll or signup, ever student is entered at no cost (FREE). This is because I believe the children should be rewarded for their excellence. During each class the student (student/team with most points) may wish […]

May – June Career Month

Hello everyone Do you have a occupation/job? As you know in May of 2015 I want to have 1 to 1 1/2 FREE classes for the children. You may use and provide: Videos Pictures PPT Songs Items… Example: if you are doctor you may bring some medical supplies or instruments. Note: The children will ask […]

G Class – June & July

Hello everyone As I had stated earlier, G class is an open forum for the students (young kids) to practice their English skills. I am very pleased to see that so many have shown their interests as well as enrolled for this class. If wish to signup please REPLY back by email with your son or […]

Unbelievable Facts About The Human Brain

Most computational neuroscientists estimate human storage capacity somewhere between 10 and 100 terabytes. A terabyte is 1 million megabytes.The math behind these estimates is fairly simple. The human brain contains roughly 100 billion neurons. The brain is one of the largest and most complex organs in the human body. It is made up of more […]

Professionals’ Day

Professionals Day (also known as Administrative Professionals’ Day, Secretaries Day or Admin Day) is an unofficial secular holiday observed in several countries to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. Observation by Region: In Australia, it is celebrated on the first Friday in May (May 1 in 2015). In […]