Secret Santa Instructions

Secret Santa – Instructions

  1. Pick / draw a name
      • This is the person whom you must buy the gift for.
      • Remember who you have picked, and don’t forget.
      • Do not lose this paper.
  2. I must know the person’s name whom you have picked, so that I can keep a record of who was picked, and by who.
  3. You must NOT tell anyone who you have picked, besides me.
  4. Go shopping (parents and students) together.
      • Christmas is about giving and sharing.
  5. Gift must be valued between T/B/A – T/BA
    1. Must not be less than T/B/A.
      • Example: Gift may not be valued at T/B/A.
    2. Must not be more than T/B/A.
      • Example: Gift may not be valued at T/B/A.
    3. Tape the label / paper with the name of the person to the gift. (This is MANDATORY, and your responsibility)
    4. Gift must be brought in on or before T/B/A.
      • There will be no exceptions for this rule, keep an eye on the dates.
    5. Party will be T/BA.
      • Everyone will open the gifts together as a group.
      • Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Brother and Sister may attend.
        • Brother and sister must be your real brother or sister and not be your cousin.

Note: T/B/A = To Be Announced

Please follow the above instructions as well as any other instructions provided in person.

Thank You

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