The ideal classroom for me would be a classroom that medium sized room that looks modern. By this I mean a brightly lit classroom with and a few pictures of nice landscapes on the walls, with a nice white board / glass board that everyone can see from their seats which should be comfortable. A point which should also be considered is the layout of the desks. I think that it would be friendlier to have, for example a block of 4 desks that are facing each other for teens/adults (See image below with caption). A classroom that has no noise disruption from the outside is better because the students will find it easier to concentrate and learn effectively. (See images below)

Below are some pictures of classrooms that I have designed and setup at my school, in China. For your reference I have labeled many of the items I felt were necessary to have a comfortable environment:

Please click an image below to enlarge:

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Please note the above picture number 5 represents desks / table in which students could easily communicate and collaborate with each other.  This of course would be for teenagers and adults, I’ve tried this version with little kids but very hard to manage and control.


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