Halloween Raffle 2016

halloween-catI wanted to let you know the following in regards to the Halloween Raffle.

Halloween Raffle entry, 3 winners will be randomly chosen.

1st prize = T/B/A
2nd prize = T/B/A
3rd prize = T/B/A

1 payment = 1 entry, you may enter more than once.
You may enter up until October 31st, 2015 – 5:00 pm China Standard Time.

Winner will be selected on October 31st, 2016 – 10:00 pm.

This is only an entry to the raffle, the party is FREE for the children. The 3 (Three) winners will get a lump sum payment from the raffle.

To enter just make a payment in the amount of 5¥ using the following WeChat Payment QRC code (also attached):

It will be very interesting and most of all fun.
More treats to come in the following days.

These treats are for the parents, children will get their treats and other things at the party.

This Halloween Raffle is optional and NOT mandatory to play.

I do not need your son or daughter’s name for this, the Winners will be selected by the ID that was used to send the entry.
Please note all payments received will be sent to the 3 winners, NO amount from this Raffle will be retained by Dialect Zone International.

Total entry payments = 5000¥
1st Prize Winner = 4400¥
2nd Prize Winner = 500¥
3rd Prize Winner = 100¥
Dialect Zone International = 0¥

Good Luck and Happy Halloween

万圣节抽奖活动随机抽取,仅有三名中奖者。一等奖: 除去二三等奖的奖金外所剩的金额 二等奖: 500元 三等奖: 100元 每人可以参与n次(即分别缴n次5元,必须扫描微信二维码缴费,以便我们做记录)。 10月31日晚10点进行抽奖。 该活动是面向家长的,属于自愿行为,不是强制行为,但一定很有乐趣。祝你们好运!祝你们万圣节快乐!

Below is for the ACTUAL Halloween Party for the children:

Halloween Costume Party

*** Note: Costume / Mask are required to join… ***
You must dress up in a Halloween Costume !!!
Halloween Candy / Snacks / Activities

More about Halloween on our blog:


Parents may NOT join the party, however you may stay for a little while to take pictures.
I do ask that after taking pictures, everyone (parents) will be asked to leave. (No Exceptions)
I do ask for cooperation in this matter.

Please note that this party is ONLY for Dialect Zone International students, friends or family may not participate in this activity.

This is the only way to actually experience a small part of what Halloween is all about.

This is a free party and open to everyone, but I need to know who will be attending so I can prepare.
I WILL NOT provide the mask or costume, you must provide this yourself.

Also, I will broadcast – live stream the event online, for my friends and family in America, England, China and worldwide.
Please feel free to give this link to your friends and family, so they can join in the fun.


I will also post the pictures on our website’s The Great Wall of Pictures – Wonder Wall.


Please share (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, QZone, WeChat, Weibo, RenRen and other social networking sites), as please comment and rate the wonderful pictures, I will add more as I get them.

As always stay informed and updated with me by visiting http://blog.dialectzone.org.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at anytime.

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