Halloween Costume Party – 2017


I wanted to let you know the following:

Halloween Costume Party
Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 – 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Any and all classes scheduled at this time, will be canceled and provided a date and time the make-up.
This does not apply to all the classes, only a few of them, please check your e-mail if this applies to your class.

*** Note: Costume / Mask are required to join… ***
You must dress up in a Halloween Costume !!!
Halloween Candy / Snacks

More about Halloween on our blog:

Parents may NOT join the party, however you may stay for a little while to take pictures.
I do ask that after taking pictures, everyone (parents) will be asked to leave. (No Exceptions)
I do ask for cooperation in this matter.

Students should arrive at 6:00 pm ONLY, and not earlier, as the doors will be opened at 6:00 pm sharp.

For safety and security reasons:
Parents may not drop off students prior to 6:00 pm
Parents may not pick up students prior to 8:00 pm.
Students will not be allowed to leave early.
Student must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian) during drop off and pick up.

This is the only way to actually experience a small part of what Halloween is all about.

This is a free party and open to everyone, but I need to know who will be attending so I can prepare.
I will NOT provide the mask or costume, you must provide this yourself.

Also, I will broadcast – live stream the event online, for my friends and family in America, England, China and worldwide.
Please feel free to give this link to your friends and family, so they can join in the fun.


I will also post the pictures on our website’s The Great Wall of Pictures – Wonder Wall.


Please share, and please comment and rate the wonderful pictures, I will add more as I get them.


Thank You

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