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Hello everyone

As I had stated earlier, G class is an open forum for the students (young kids) to practice their English skills.
I am very pleased to see that so many have shown their interests as well as enrolled for this class.

The following rules and regulations will be applied (as is with any other class):

1. Students must be present as attendance is mandatory
2. Students must not disturb other classes in session

  • a. Students should arrive on time
  • b. Should a student arrive early or extremely early, they must wait without disturbances to others
  • c. Students should not occupy any vacant (empty) classrooms, they must wait outside in the common area

3. Students must eat or drink ONLY in the common area, without making a mess

  • a. Students may use the coffee/tea/juice machine or the water cooler
  • b. Students will not be allowed to eat or drink during the class
    • i. Time is very limited, therefore when the children have to throw away the wrappers or cups, this will disturb the class
    • ii. Time is very limited, therefore should a student spill their drinks, this will cause a massive delay due to the cleanup process
    • iii. Time is very limited, therefore should a student injury another student with a hot drink, this will not only cause a delay but bodily harm and injury

4. Students should use the bathroom prior to or after class

  • a. Students must wash their hands with soap after using the toilet / urinal
  • b. Students will not be allowed to use the bathroom during the class
    • i. Time is very limited, therefore if everyone starts to go to the bathroom, which will cause a disturbance and waste the allotted time for class

5. Students should not run around, make noise or disturb any operations
6. Students should not play inside the premises
7. Students should obey and pay attention to any and all instructions provided by the teacher
8. Shorter students should sit in the front with the taller students in the back of the classroom
9. Students should not use curse words (BAD WORDS) at anytime
10. Students should be prepared for class
11. Students should not humiliate, harass, or degrade another student, but rather encourage them
12. Students should not yell or shout during any class
13. Students should not misbehave at anytime
14. Students will be in the G Class for 2 (two) complete hours without a break
15. Students are not to play with the chairs
16. Students are not to write on the tables
17. Students may wish to take notes, and must have a pencil/pen and paper (this will not be provided)
18. Parents and grandparents that wish to wait, may do so by waiting in the common area
19. Students must use this time and any other class time to their advantage
20. Students leaving the classrooms must remain quiet, as there may be other classes in session
21. Students are responsible for their belongings at all times
22. Any student that brings a toy or game which causes a disturbance during class, may be confiscated (taken without return of the item)
23. Students may not change their schedule until the completion of the 2 (two) months
a. Example: A student wishes to change their schedule from 3:00 – 5:00 pm to 5:00 – 7:00 pm must wait to do such after May 30th, 2015

Please note the above are just some common sense rules, however other rules may apply.

The schedule is as follows, with a starting date of April 18th, 2015:
April 18th, 25th
May 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and May 30th

This class fee structure is as follows:
DZ Students = FREE
Non DZ Students = Contact Us 

This class (G Class) will be offered at the above costs on a 2 (two) month basis.

Please keep in mind and understand that the G Class is offered on a first come first serve basis.
Seating is very limited, and I do not want a large class.

I do plan to offer more classes and other courses in the very near future. These new classes or courses will be announced via E-Mail.

I sincerely want the children to excel in not just English but everything and anything they put their minds to.
They should take full advantage of this opportunity and any other opportunities I may provide now or in the future.

No favoritism can be offered to either the parent or student, as all parents and students are afforded the same information, details and privileges.
Therefore, if 1 (one) rule is applied for 1 (one) parent or student it shall be applied to all.

As always stay updated with me at all times by visiting http://blog.dialectzone.org

Should you have any questions or concerns at anytime, please feel free to contact me.
Working together is the only way that we can help the children.

Please communicate with me via E-Mail ONLY, any other forms of communication may reduce the time for me to respond back to you.

Thank You


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