Flat Stanley Great Adventure Letter

Flat Stanley's Adventure_Page_1 The Flat Stanley Project !

  1. Please print out this letter template
  2. Paste or glue an original 4″x6″ or 5″x7″ photo (must NOT be printed on your printer)
  3. Write your name
  4. Write the date of the adventure taken
  5. Write the time of the adventure taken
  6. Write the location (place) of the adventure taken
  7. Write the name of Stanley’s owner
  8. Write your letter
    • Provide as much details as possible
    • English is preferred but Chinese or other languages are acceptable, because Flat Stanley is multi-lingual
    • You may use both sides of the paper to write
    • You may use blank paper to draw or doodle
  9. Hand in your Flat Stanley to your teacher.
  10. Hand in your Flat Stanley’s Great Adventure letter(s), pictures, notes, videos, etc… to your teacher

Flat Stanley's Adventure_Page_2

Your teacher will help you send him to a friend to be taken on an amazing new adventure!

Join the Flat Stanley phenomenon and support this international literacy activity by send us your own images to our Flat Stanley Project.

If you are interested in our Flat Stanley Exchange, please click here to contact us.

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