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Terms of Service & Agreement:

  • 1. Borrow UNLIMITED number of books per year.
    • All books being borrowed are imported from America (English Only)
  • 2. Borrow 2 (two) books at a time.
  • 3. Borrow the book(s) for a maximum of 1 (one) week.
  • 4. T/B/A  RMB annual membership fee. (student)
    • 400 (four hundred) RMB annual membership fee. (Non-student)
  • 5. T/B/A Security deposit.
  • 6. T/B/A RMB lost book fee.
  • 7. T/B/A RMB damage fee upon return.

Please visit http://blog.dialectzone.org for more updated details and information.


Will I borrow a new or used textbook?
You may borrow a new or a used book, based on availability. All used books will be in acceptable borrowing condition, as determined by us.

Will my book include the CD, codes, and other supplementary materials?
We do not guarantee that supplemental materials will be included when you borrow books from us.

Can I write, highlight, color, draw or damage the book?
Absolutely not, as a courtesy to future customers, you may not write, draw, color etc… in or on the books. If we determine that the book is no longer in acceptable borrowing condition when you return it, including because of excessive writing, highlighting, coloring, drawing or damage to the book, you will be charged the penalty fee as described above.

What does acceptable borrowing condition mean?
Acceptable borrowing condition means:

  • No water damage (wavy, swollen or discolored, crinkled, stains, rings),
  • No broken spine or binding,
  • Cover is not torn or taped,
  • No missing, torn, or loose pages,
  • No burns, fire, or smoke damage,
  • No strong odor of any kind (including musty odor, cigar or cigarette odor),
  • No excessive writing, highlighting, coloring, drawing or damage to the book.

booksWill I be sent reminders as my return due date approaches?

No. We will not email, SMS, WeChat, QQ message you any reminders for your borrowed books to the email address provided at time of borrowing.

How can I extend my book borrowing period?
You cannot extend your book borrowing, it must be returned under the return policy described.

What is something is reeeeeeeally late?
You may get an overdue notice, by e-mail only. An overdue notice is sent when an item is 7 days overdue. If the item is not returned after 2 weeks from the due date, a fee for the replacement will be due, plus lost book fee.

Can I purchase the book during my borrowing period?
No, when you borrow books from us, you may not purchase the book as the book must be returned.

Can I purchase the book?
No, you may not purchase the book as the book must be returned, we do not sell books.

Will you ship or let me borrow books domestically or internationally?
We currently do not ship borrowed books.

What other services do you offer?
Fax services to any U.S. Fax Number for 6.00 (six) RMB per page

Thank You

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