Bake Sale

Bake SaleA bake sale is a fundraising activity where baked goods such as doughnuts, cupcakes and cookies, sometimes along with ethnic foods, are sold.

Bake sales are usually held by small, non-profit organizations, such as clubs, school groups and charitable organizations.

Bake sales are often set up around an area of pedestrian traffic, such as outside a grocery store or at a busy intersection near a mall.

Bake sales are also a popular fund raising activities within corporations.

Possible items that can are popularly available at a bake sale may include the following:

cake slices
pie slices
granola bars

Two most popular bake types of sales are:

Donation Sale: community or club member contribute food they have made
Volume Sale: organization plans for food to be made, and provides members with recipes

Within these sales different themes are often used:

Season’s Best
Cupcake Theme
Chocolate Theme
Cookie Theme – See more at:

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