Secret Santa Instructions

Secret Santa – Instructions

  1. Pick / draw a name
    1. This is the person whom you must buy the gift for.
    2. Remember who you have picked, and don’t forget.
    3. Do not lose this paper.
  2. I must know the person’s name whom you have picked, so that I can keep a record of who was picked, and by who.
  3. You must NOT tell anyone who you have picked, besides me.
  4. Go shopping (parents and students) together.
    1. Christmas is about giving and sharing.
  5. Gift must be valued between T/B/A – T/BA
    1. Must not be less than T/B/A.
      1. Example: Gift may not be valued at T/B/A.
    2. Must not be more than T/B/A.
      1. Example: Gift may not be valued at T/B/A.
    3. Tape the label / paper with the name of the person to the gift. (This is MANDATORY, and your responsibility)
    4. Gift must be brought in on or before T/B/A.
      1. There will be no exceptions for this rule, keep an eye on the dates.
    5. Party will be T/BA.
      1. Everyone will open the gifts together as a group.
      2. Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Brother and Sister may attend.
        1. Brother and sister must be your real brother or sister and not be your cousin.

Note: T/B/A = To Be Announced

Please follow the above instructions as well as any other instructions provided in person.

Thank You

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