Round The Clock

All day and all night. For Example: If someone were to say “I’ve been working round the clock,” they are saying they’ve been working non stop.

Steer Clear Of

To avoid something. For Example: “I would recommend steering clear of that road, there’s a lot of construction going on right now.”

In The Clear

Not guilty of an offense or unobstructed by something undesirable. For Example: If someone is worried they might have their taxes audited but the date by which they expected to be audited comes and goes, they might say, “phew, I think I’m in the clear.”

Squeaky Clean

Completely clean. When used in reference to a person it means they are very honest or good-hearted. For Example: “Jim would never steal from the company, he’s a squeaky clean sort of guy.”

Come Full Circle

To return to the situation or beliefs you originally had. For Example: If a movie starts off in the past, comes back to the present and then ends back in the past, you could say that the movie “came full circle at its ending.”

Chip On Your Shoulder

A disposition to become easily upset. For Example: “When the reporter suggested that he thinks Darnell is a better player, Ricky became really upset. Clearly Ricky has a chip on his shoulder.”

Don’t Count Your Chickens

Don’t assume a positive outcome will happen until you know for sure. The full saying is “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” This means that if you just count your eggs and assume there will be a chicken in every egg, you could be disappointed to learn that some eggs did not contain a […]

Get Something Off Your Chest

To share your feelings on something you were previously silent about. The statement implies that you are relieving yourself of holding in your thoughts about something. For Example: “there’s something I need to get off my chest. I don’t think I can work here any longer.”