DZ Dollar – Reward Card

Reward CardHello everyone

I have recently decided to create the DZ Dollar, which is a reward card.
There is nothing to enroll or signup, ever student is entered at no cost (FREE).

This is because I believe the children should be rewarded for their excellence.

During each class the student (student/team with most points) may wish to either get a big sticker or a reward card.

The more they collect the more they can redeem for different gifts and prizes, which I will announce much later.


  • 1 DZ Dollar Reward Card = big sticker
  • 1 DZ Dollar Reward Card = t/b/a
  • 1 DZ Dollar Reward Card = t/b/a
  • 5 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = eraser
  • 5 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = ball
  • 5 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = t/b/a
  • 5 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = t/b/a
  • 6 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = pencil
  • 6 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = sheet of stickers
  • 10 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = notebook
  • 100 DZ Dollar Reward Cards = t/b/a
  • etc…

I will also include better prizes like piggy banks, tea cups, toys, etc…

Also, in regards to G Class, each student who attends the G Class will receive one just for participating.
This will hopefully stimulate the student in doing better in all classes.

I do plan to integrate this effective immediately, and will modify if as time progresses.

If you have any questions or concerns about this new program, or have ideas to help improve it please let me know.

Lastly I ask that you follow me and stay updated with me at all times online by visiting:

I am always open to new ideas, suggestions (good or bad) for everyone and anytime.

Thank You

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