We offer Door to Door Service.
Documentation and customs clearance in China.

We offer shipping services from China to anywhere in the world.
Also China to China door to door services.

We would need the same details to give you an idea.

1. Your complete pickup address, name and phone number in China in Chinese
2. How many boxes do you want to ship.
3. Size(s) of the box(es)
4. Weight(s) of box(es)
5. The content in each box (handwritten is ok, send a picture and we’ll print it out)
6. Ship to information (complete name, address, phone number, e-mail)

Regular Service is ETA of 90 – 110+ days (restricted for some countries presently)
Economy Express service is ETA of 30 – 60 days (available worldwide)
Standard Express service is ETA 20 – 40 days (available worldwide)
Express service is ETA 5 – 7 days

Note: NO fake products, batteries, liquids, precious metals or stones are allowed.
Items with batteries or liquids may be possible but would require special transport and handled on a case by case basis.

Shipping is based on the weight and size of each box, plus other factors.

I do try make the whole process simple, just need the info, the rest we take care of.
I can only offer recommendations but you make the final decisions.

It only takes about 5 minutes to get everything setup, once I have the information.
You do not pay anything at the time of the pickup.
My assistant will take care of everything and will advice the person picking up the box(es) as to what needs to be done, and how to handle it.
You just need to open the door and hand over the box(es), please note you may need to show your ID during pickup.
Other than that nothing else is required or necessary.

Food/Snacks are ok, just make sure the boxes and packages are sealed.
I also do not recommend using regular service because delivery times are 90-110+ days. Unless the shelf-life is very far into the future.
But completely up to you as to what service to go with.

If you can send me pictures of the items, to help determine the size needed.

We can pickup suitcases, luggage, bags, boxes, however to ship internationally everything must be boxed, and will be repacked by us upon receiving your belongings.
Repacking is free, you just need to pay for the box(es) that are needed.
Or you can just put everything in a bag and we can box it up for you, whatever works out easier for you.

We also accept local currencies to avoid bank fees by visiting our payment page
But I would need to quote the price in US Dollars though, but you will pay in local currency with the bank fees.

We do offer short term and long term storage options.

The most difficult part of this whole process is how to pack.
Please do not overstuff or overpack your boxes, as the dimensions will change, and the box may rip/tear and could possibly loss your valuables, and may increase shipping costs.

Any questions, cincerns or help needed, just let me know.
For shipping FAQs, please visit

You will be able to track on our page by visiting:
You can contact us 24/7/365 by clicking the link “Contact Us” on our Tracking Page.

Lots of information above, please take a moment to read everything thoroughly, should you have any questions please let me know.