Get To The Bottom Of

Reaching a state of conclusion over an issue or subject. For Example: In a murder investigation, the lead detective could tell a peer that they will “get to the bottom of this case,” meaning they will solve the case.

Give Someone The Boot

To end relations with someone either profesionally or personally. For Example: A friend might ask, “are you still dating George?” To which one could reply, “no, I gave him the boot.”

By The Book

Following the rules to their exact letter. For Example: If you do something “by the book,” you’re doing it exactly as intended with no deviation from a prescribed plan.

Rock The Boat

Stirring controversy or bringing sensitive issues to the forefront is “rocking the boat”. For Example: “It implies that everything was smooth beforehand and by broaching that subject you “rocked the boat.

Call Someone’s Bluff

A poker term that means identifying when someone is lying or being deceitful in hopes of misleading you. For Example: “He was acting like an expert on astronomy, but when I asked him his thoughts on quantum physics I clearly had called his bluff, he didn’t know how to respond.

Out Of The Blue

Something that happens suddenly and unexpectedly. For Example: If one received an unexpected raise from their boss, they might tell a friend, “oh, and I got a raise out of the blue today which was nice!”

In Cold Blood

An action that is committed without regret or remorse. For Example: If a killer shows no remorse for his crime, the judge might say “he killed in cold blood.”

Black And Blue

If someone is covered with bruises they are said to be black and blue. This phrase is used to symbolize someone being bruised up even if they were not physically bruised up. For Example: if an investor lost a lot of money in the stock market, he might say “the market left me black and […]