Cross That Bridge When You Come To It

To avoid dealing with an issue until dealing with it becomes absolutely imminent. For Example: If your friend asked, “what are we going to do about getting a ride home later?” You could respond, “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” which is your way of saying that you would rather wait to […]

Hold Your Breath

This phrase is often used to indicate that something is very unlikely to happen. For Example: If your friend said, “hey, maybe you’ll win the lottery tomorrow!” You could respond, “well, don’t hold your breath.” What you are saying is “don’t hold your breath until this happens because if you did it would be the […]

Give Me A Break

When someone feels they are being attacked or over-utilized, they might say, “oh give me a break!” This phrase can also be used as a response to something seemingly ridiculous. For Example: If your friend said, “I think Tottenham will beat Manchester United,” you could say, “oh give me a break!” This would indicate that […]

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

This phrase indicates a brilliant invention or discovery. Sliced bread is assumed to be a brilliant idea. For Example: “that’s the greatest idea since sliced bread,” it serves to strongly compliment the merits of the idea.

Bread And Butter

Someone’s basic source of income or value. For Example: “I can’t skip work on Fridays. That day is my bread and butter.” That phrase implies the speaker makes a lot of money on Fridays.

Out Of Bounds

In sports, out of bounds means outside of the field of play. This phrase can be used to symbolize something that is off-limits. For Example: “I would ask Brett’s sister on a date, but I’m afraid that might be out of bounds.” In this case, the speaker is implying that trying to date Brett’s sister […]

Get To The Bottom Of

Reaching a state of conclusion over an issue or subject. For Example: In a murder investigation, the lead detective could tell a peer that they will “get to the bottom of this case,” meaning they will solve the case.

Give Someone The Boot

To end relations with someone either profesionally or personally. For Example: A friend might ask, “are you still dating George?” To which one could reply, “no, I gave him the boot.”