Chip On Your Shoulder

A disposition to become easily upset. For Example: “When the reporter suggested that he thinks Darnell is a better player, Ricky became really upset. Clearly Ricky has a chip on his shoulder.”

Don’t Count Your Chickens

Don’t assume a positive outcome will happen until you know for sure. The full saying is “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” This means that if you just count your eggs and assume there will be a chicken in every egg, you could be disappointed to learn that some eggs did not contain a […]

Get Something Off Your Chest

To share your feelings on something you were previously silent about. The statement implies that you are relieving yourself of holding in your thoughts about something. For Example: “there’s something I need to get off my chest. I don’t think I can work here any longer.”

Change Of Heart

Reversing a decision or one’s beliefs on something, usually over an emotional issue. For Example: “I had a change of heart and decided not to break up with her.”

Chalk And Cheese

Two things that have very little in common. Chalk and cheese have little in common with each other. For Example: if you say “those two people are like chalk and cheese,” you’re saying that they are not alike.

My Two Cents Worth

To share your beliefs or opinion in a conversation. For Example: “If you want my two cent’s worth, I think he would make a terrible President.”

A Fat Cat

Someone who is wealthy and smug. For Example: An investment banker who spends thousands of dollars on dinner every night could be referred to as a “Wall Street fat cat.”

A Cash Cow

Any product, business or idea that generates a steady stream of cash flow. For Example: “Those vending machines are a cash cow.