Question 5

When an accident has caused congestion on an expressway, the vehicles may run in the emergency strip on the right or in the shoulder of the road. Answer:  ×

Question 4

When a vehicle changes lane, the driver should  turn on the turn signal in advance, observe,keep a safe distance and enter the new lane. Answer:  √

Question 3

A vehicle running on an expressway may frequently change lanes. Answer:  ×

Question 2

When a vehicle runs on an expressway at the speed of 100km/h,the safe distance from vehicle ahead is 100m. Answer:  √  

Question 1

When braking on a muddy road, the tires can easily spin or drift and cause traffic accidents. Answer:  √

Armed Forces Day

Several nations of the world hold an annual Armed Forces Day in honor of their military forces. Argentina: In Argentina, the commemorative dates of the Armed Forces are as follows:     17 May : Argentine Navy Day     29 May : Argentine Army Day     10 August : Argentine Air Force Day Armenia: Բանակի օր […]