We support postal Carriers & Multiple Express Couriers Worldwide
All In One Package Tracking

We provide global-based tracking service for postal/express packages.
The main site is used by several hundreds of thousands of online merchants and millions of online shoppers monthly.
It’s the largest global package tracking classification service site!


Protect Yourself From Fraud and Scams
Received a text, call or email that seems suspicious? Don’t respond to it.

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Recognize and Report Fraud

  • Slow Down – Scammers rely on urgency to create panic. Be cautious of anything that implies you must act immediately. Take the time to review the message, then review it again.
  • Don’t Click — Check the Link – Legitimate Dialect Zone International links will start with “”, “” or “”.
  • Check the Details – Are there spelling or grammar errors? Generic greetings, like “Sir or Madame?” Fraudsters will frequently use small typos to trick you into clicking on the link.
  • Report It – Send examples to us by clicking the Contact Us link above or report it to the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Delete and Block It – So you don’t accidentally interact with it later.

Common Fraud Scenarios
Fraudsters may use these messages to mislead you into engaging with them.

Payment is Needed or Overdue
Never wire money, send money orders, gift cards or cash. Use secure payment methods.

Funds Required for Package Delivery
Only a few packages require money for delivery: Collect on delivery, duties or taxes. Tracking your package is the safest way to see if any fees are due.

Account or Payment Info Requested
Unexpected alerts about your account could be fraud. Confirm there are no suspicious shipping or billing activities by logging in to us.