The Men Who Built America – Complete Worksheets

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Complete worksheets to video guides for The Men Who Built America: Episode 1 – 12

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This is a viewing guide for the History Channel”s Mini-Series The Men Who Built America.

This document contains the complete video guide worksheets to The Men Who Built America – Complete Video Guide Worksheets 1 – 8.

Total Pages = 16

  • Episode 1 – A New War Begins – Worksheets
  • Episode 2 – Oil Strike – Worksheets
  • Episode 3 – A Rivalry is Born – Worksheets
  • Episode 4 – Blood is Spilled – Worksheets
  • Episode 5 – A New Rival Emerges – Worksheets
  • Episode 6 – Owning it All – Worksheets
  • Episode 7 – Taking the White House – Worksheets
  • Episode 8 – The New Machine – Worksheets

The Men Who Built America is a great series for a discussion of Gilded Age entrepreneurs. The series reveals the personalities behind the moguls, giving a decent background regarding their attitudes and approaches.

It includes interviews with both historians and prominent modern capitalists, helping viewers understand the motivations behind the moguls. Additionally, it elucidates the techniques they used to rise to prominence and fits them into their larger socio-historical context.

The viewing guide worksheets are designed to keep the students” attention throughout the videos, emphasizing elements that are important for them to remember.

Questions are designed to be approachable by both advanced and struggling students.

Each video guide includes an “after watching” question. These questions require students to activate their higher order thinking skills (you could delete these question if you wished, or use them as catalysts for class discussions).

There is one question for approximately every few minutes of video, giving students an opportunity to watch more than they write, yet still helping them pay attention.

You may purchase a guide worksheet / answer key for each episode separately or the complete set.

Total Pages = 16 (Instant Download)
Format: PDF

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