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Online English Program

Dedicated 1 to 1.

Learn to speak English with confidence!

Foster an understanding of language and culture.
Advance your professional path and broaden your cultural perspective by studying how languages have shaped our modern world. Our highly respected language programs teach you how to communicate clearly and effectively as well as read and write proficiently, and help you fully engage in our multicultural world.

Be the creative difference. Immerse yourself in a world of literature, composition and rhetoric with an English Class. You’ll prepare for creative opportunities in professional settings, such as public relations or technical or freelance writing.

100% Online, learn from the comfort of your home or office, 7 days a week.

Live classes online 24/7
Individual learning, dedicated one to one lesson.

Writing, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Oral English and much more!

Length: 2 hours per week
Course: English
Class Size: 1 student

Monthly Package

Purchase additional lessons/hours at reduced rates.

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