A Grey Area

A GREY AREA means something that is not clearly defined and needs careful judgement. For Example: “We have always had a professional attitude to copyrighted texts, but online copyright is still a bit of a grey area.” Many people think they know what right and wrong are, but on closer examination it’s usually a grey […]

Go Ape

GO APE is an informal expression meaning to just lose control and become really angry or excited. For Example: When I told him we had tickets to see the rock concert on Saturday, he just went ape. (Meaning he was really excited). He’s a really nice guy, but just don’t talk about his old boss […]

In The Air

IN THE AIR means people have a general feeling or expectation that something will happen in the near future. This feeling among people is often not clearly defined. For Example: No one knew for sure what was going to happen that summer, but a change was in the air. On the outside everyone seemed happy […]

Clear The Air

To CLEAR THE AIR means to somehow resolve a difficult situation between people. It is especially used for talking openly about problems, or being patient and waiting for bad feelings to lessen. For Example: “Sharon’s been ignoring me all week because of what I said to her, but we finally talked this morning and it […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS means that what someone says is different from from what they do. It is often used when someone makes a promise but then doesn’t keep it. For Example: “Dad, I promise I’ll be on time for class and do all my homework as soon as I get it.” “Well that […]

A Piece of The Action

A PIECE OF THE ACTION means that someone wants to be involved in some popular or beneficial social activity. For Example: Due to the team’s success in recent games ticket sales have soared, and it seems everyone wants a piece of the action. – (Meaning lots of people want to see the team.) Studying online […]

Clean Up Your Act

CLEAN UP YOUR ACT means that someone needs to do much better, especially because they are behaving unacceptably. For Example: John’s been late for work almost every day this week, and he always stays out late with his friends. He needs to clean up his act, or he’ll lose his job. The recent scandal yet […]

A Class Act

A CLASS ACT means that something or somebody is of particularly high quality. For Example: Dave’s rap performance last night was a class act. He’s one of the most original rap artists on the scene. If something has class, it also means that it is somehow better quality or “cooler”. The new secretary’s really got […]