Have A Ball

HAVE A BALL means to have fun or to have a great time. When you’re having a ball, it means you are having a wonderful experience. For Example: you could tell a friend, “have a ball at the party!”

In The Balance

IN THE BALANCE means Yet to be decided. For Example: “with the game hanging in the balance, the star player lined up for a crucial penalty kick.”

Be Someone’s Bag

To be something that someone would be interested in or good at. For Example: “Given how good he is at tennis, I think raquetball could be Jerry’s bag.” The implication is that since Jerry is good at tennis and raquetball utilizes many of the same skills, raquetball could be Jerry’s bag.

Go Behind Someone’s Back

GO BEHIND SOMEONE’S BACK means to interfere in people’s affairs without permission, usually in a dishonest or selfish way. For Example: I thought I trusted him, but I found out yesterday he went behind my back and told everyone about it. No doubt he was only checking, but she somehow still felt upset that he […]

Turn Your Back On

TURN YOUR BACK ON means to ignore or forget someone or something, especially a friend who needs your help. For Example: He needs to learn that you shouldn’t turn your back on those kind of responsibilities. (Meaning you shouldn’t ignore your responsibilities). Real friends and family love you and they rely on you, so when […]

Get Your Own Back

GET YOUR OWN BACK means to get some kind of revenge, to do or get something in return for a bad thing someone did to you. For Example: The director has been unfair to the teachers all week, so here’s your chance to prove you’re right and get your own back. I hope you haven’t […]

Be Glad To See The Back Of

BE GLAD TO SEE THE BACK OF means that you are happy someone or something unpleasant is finished or gone. For Example: Last night we had a farewell party for John, but to be honest I’m glad to see the back of him. (Meaning I’m glad he is gone). Christmas came and went and Ruth […]

Up In Arms

UP IN ARMS means that there is strong opposition or anger against something. For Example: “We heard the news over the radio at lunch break and I tell you, we were really up in arms about it.” (Meaning they strongly disagreed with the news on the radio). When their children have to go to a […]