Round The Bend

Having lost one’s sanity, particularly as a result of drug or alcohol use. For Example: “His excessive drinking is starting to send him round the bend.”

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Those who are desperate are in no position to negotiate. For Example: if you gave a homeless person a candy bar and they asked for money instead, you could say, “beggars can’t be choosers!”

Spill The Beans

Disclosing some piece of information, usually a secret. For Example: If a friend was reluctant to divulge something to you, you could say, “oh c’mon, spill the beans!”

Keep Something At Bay

Preventing something unpleasant from coming too near to you for fear that it will harm you. For Example: If a coach was asked why he doesn’t play a particular player very often, he might say, “I’m keeping him at bay, I think it’s in the best interests of the team to do so.”

A Losing Battle

A failing activity or attempt at something. For Example: If you’re running for public office but are trailing by 30 points in the polls, you are fighting a losing battle.

Jump On The Band Wagon

When you support something that is popular you are “jumping on the bandwagon.” For Example: the New York Yankees have a lot of fans because people jump on the bandwagon to root for them since they are usually a very good team.

Get The Ball Rolling

To initiate momentum on a project or plan. For Example: A boss could say to an employee, “let’s get the ball rolling on the renovation project,” which would be indicate to the employee to shift their focus on the renovation project.

Play Ball

This phrase is used prior to the start of every American baseball game. It means to get started on something. For Example: “at the end of a meeting, a boss could tell his employers “play ball” as a way of saying “okay, go back to work!”