Question 29

If the driver feel tired when driving on an expressway,he should  immediately stop to have a rest. Answer:  ×

Question 28

When bicycles ahead obstruct the traffic flow, the driver may honk to remind them, speed up and bypass. Answer:  ×

Question 27

When a vehicle passes a level crossing, the driver should use the low gear to pass and should not change gear halfway in order to avoid engine kill. Answer:  √

Question 25

When passing through an overflowing road, a high gear should be used to pass rapidly. Answer:  ×

Question 24

When driving in icy and snowy weather, light reflection from the accumulated snow can easily make a driver  feel dizzy and have an illusion. Answer:  √

Question 23

After a tire blows out and before the driver can control the speed of the vehicle, he should refrain from using the foot brake to stop the vehicle. Otherwise, a horizontal swing of the vehicle can cause greater danger. Answer:  √

Question 22

When driving in a snowy day, the driver  should drive along the vehicle tracks if there are any. Answer:  √