Flat Jim

Name: Jim Date: Saturday, October 3nd, 2015 Location: Nan Chuan Yuan, Nantong, China  Freedom. I want to tell you about me and Flat Stanley. I don’t know Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a boy. How are you. I want to see Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a very good boy.

Flat Tony

Name: Tony Date: 4/10/2015 Location: Museum(博物馆), Nantong, China Hello! My name is Tony! I took Stanley to the Nantong Museum and the East ho green.

Flat Tyler

Name: Tyler (蔡文慧) Date: 2015年10月9日 Location: Museum(博物馆), Nantong, China I took Stanely to the museum to see the cultural relics. (我带着Stanley在博物馆里观赏我国的文物)          

Flat Jack

Name: Jack 施俊丞(Shi Juncheng) Date: October 5th, 2015 Location: My Home, Nantong, China Hello! My name is Jack. I’m a Chinese boy. I’m 13 years old. Is a student. I like PE lessons. So I can play basketball and football. But I play basketball not good. I can draw well. Do you think so?

Flat Ivan

Name: Ivan Date: October 6th, 2015 Location: My Home, Nantong, China My name is Ivan. I’m a China boy. I am ten years old. I live in Nantong, a beautiful city. I study at shiyan primary school. I am a tall boy. Small eyes, big mouty, sall nose and big ears. I like sports very […]

Flat Bronson

Hosted Flat Stanley: Hosted by Angel: My Name: Angel Date/ Time: Wednesday September thirtieth 2015 Location: Chocolate happy park Shanghai China Dear: Bronson. My name is Angel! I’m eleven. I’m a Chinese girl. I like pink and red. I can play table tennis very well and I can drawing. My Chinese name is 张乐涵(Zhang YueHan). […]