Question 21

Those driving people who are on the highway meets shunt traffic control can stay on highway, park immediately, wait aside until the traffic control ends and continue to drive. Answer:  ×

Question 20

If discovering pedestrians abruptly cross the road while driving, the driver should immediately reduce speed and evade. Answer:  √

Question 19

When crossing each other on a narrow  road, the driver  should  slow down, yield and stop first. Answer:  √

Question 18

When a driver suddenly encounters a vehicle in the opposite direction that forces its way by overtaking and occupying his lane, the driver  may refuse to avoid it and force it to yield to you. Answer:  ×

Question 17

When  driving at night, the driver  should  reduce speed and go forward if the vehicle coming in the opposite direction fails to turn off the high  beam light. This is designed to prevent an accident from happening when there are pedestrians crossing  the place where  the lights of the two vehicles meet. Answer:  √

Question 16

When a vehicle passes a school or a residential area, the driver should observe the signs and markings, go slowly and refrain from honking. Answer:  √

Question 15

When  a vehicle stops for a long  time, the driver should  select a car park to do so. Answer:  √

Question 14

If a vehicle may encounter a vehicle coming in the opposite direction in the course of overtaking, the driver  should  speed up in advance and overtake. Answer:  ×